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Strategic Consultant

Your Futures Partner


I will bring a provocative external perspective to your organisation, expertly researched so we can work together to identify the greatest opportunities for future-proofing your business.



Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Go from uncertain to certain by finding the right gaps in the market

This is for you

If you feel uncertain because you're worried about the relevance of your business or concept in the future; if you have an idea but need to define your consumer, your market or even the whole idea. If you’re asking: is this what people will want? Is there a market for my idea?... then I can help you.

WHAT is it?

I will help you develop a brand, concept or innovation that has relevance to people in the future: from the next 6 months to 20 years ahead. By looking at future consumer needs and the future of your category, I can help you determine the most ‘future fit’ direction for your business idea from a brand positioning, consumer first angle.


This could include:


  • Defining your brand/concept: values, mission and vision

  • Market & product positioning: where you could and should sit

  • Competitor analysis and mapping – find the gaps in the market

  • Identifying and knowing your target consumer better

  • Ensuring cultural relevance

  • Guidelines for tone of voice and messaging

  • Guidelines for aesthetics and visual look and feel


NOTE! This does not include social media or marketing strategy, market sizing or any kind of financial forecasting as these are not my skill sets! But I can connect you with people who are excellent at it.

Contact Jill to discuss your ideas

Sparring Clinic

A sparring partner to future-proof your ideas

This is for you

If you need a futures expert to bounce ideas with on a regular basis and provide a future focused perspective – either over a longer period or for a quick project.

WHAT is it?

Regular sessions of concept sparring using tools to disrupt and provoke alternative thinking on a strategic level - to ensure the relevance of projects and campaigns in the future world.

  • 1:1 sessions for leaders, entrepreneurs and people with ideas

  • Stress-testing your concepts against mega trends and macro drivers

  • A collaborative partnership - we will both work hard

  • A 'coaching' approach

Two packages:


If you need quick sparring to build future relevance in a short space of time, ideal for sprint work. 

Pricing from 6,000kr

Contact Jill to discuss


If you need to ensure future relevance through mid to longer term strategic projects. 

Pricing from 22,000kr

Contact Jill to discuss

Futures Clinic

Workshop Provocateur

Workshop Provocateur

Get disrupted to provoke innovation

This is for you

If you feel stuck in a process rut and need someone to challenge your team's routine thinking and push everyone out of their comfort zone.

WHAT is it?

I will participate in your workshop and stimulating future focused idea directions by bringing an alternative, 'outside-in' perspective. I will act as the voice of the future to push boundaries away from the comfortable and familiar and into innovative territories. 

Contact Jill to discuss ideas and rates

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