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Learn to Forecast trends

Knocked sideways by COVID? Didn't expect to be spending your money on a home gym, instead of that yoga retreat? Or having to pivot your customer events into at-home experience boxes (team pizza making via Zoom, anyone?). You are wondering how you can be better prepared for what could come next?


Let's nurture a world of proactive, future focused optimists. This powerful combination of training and 1-1 consultancy will disrupt your current habits and revolutionise your approach to work and life - to make you stronger, more adaptable and relevant for the future.

"We came to Jill looking for skills in trend forecasting. What we came away with was a totally new future's mindset that we've applied to our client work, our own business and frankly, our personal lives too!" 

Emily Ames, Co-founder of Sonder & Tell

Futurist school

Everyday Futurist course

Learn to anticipate the future and apply the skills to your daily work (and life)

5 week course + 1-1 consultancy


5000 dkk / £579

2021 dates:

Spring: April / May

Summer: 10th August / 7th September

Autumn: September / October

Winter: November / December


Everything you need to know

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WHAT is it?

This is an exciting 5 week programme that will shift your mindset and up-skill you to think and work like a futurist - every day. You’ll be trained in the essential trend forecasting skills and tools that transform the way you approach your work - and probably your life, too. 


WHO is it for?

Individuals (if you are a small team or business looking for a private course, please contact me as I do that too.) You could be in an established career and want to up-skill; an entrepreneur or in a start-up and need to multi-task or a graduate wanting top-up knowledge. Or, you might be curious about how you could think differently about your career and life.

The Outcomes

You will:

  • Learn how to research, forecast and use trends and insight in your daily work

  • Understand and be able to use essential skills and processes for trend research and foresight

  • Ensure relevance in the future with the ability to define opportunities for you, your business and your customers

  • Build a daily ‘futures habit’ that will give your work an edge

  • Significantly improve your ability to think and work with the future in mind

  • Establish a routine of daily futures habits that will make your work noticeably more strategic

  • Experience and develop a fresh and forward-thinking perspective on challenges and opportunities

  • Be better skilled to create positive solutions to problems for people and planet

  • Gain confidence in your ideas and strength in your negotiations

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Reasons to do it

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Struggling to see what your role or career or business or industry will look like in 6 months, a year or 10 years time? 

  • Want to get out of the cycle of always discussing short term issues instead of the long term? 

  • Find it hard to spot opportunities for growth and new ideas because you don’t know where to look or how to interpret what you find?

  • Feel ill-equipped for work and a career in the modern workplace, and need to up-skill yourself with a 21st century skill? (future thinking is one of them)

  • Think the future is a guessing game, and want to know how to apply more rigour to strategic projects and business plans?

  • Knocked sideways by COVID? Do you need to pivot but don’t know which direction?

  • Contemplating a career change but don’t know where or what or how?

Dates & Times

2 hour live session every Tuesday, plus 2 private consultancy sessions at times chosen by you (within reason!). 

10th August 2021 13.30-15.30 CEST (GMT+1)

17th August 2021 13.30-15.30 CEST (GMT+1)

24th August 2021 13.30-15.30 CEST (GMT+1) + 30 minutes 1-1 consultancy

31st August 2021 13.30-15.30 CEST (GMT+1) + 30 minutes 1-1 consultancy

7th September 2021 13.30-15.30 CEST (GMT+1)

WHERE it happens

Online, via Zoom (where else?!). 



Week 1


Shaping a new mindset

Understanding the basic trend framework, language and established systems used, and why future thinking is necessary. We’ll look at the mindset needed in order to be able to research and anticipate the future as part of your daily work - and how to practice that.

Week 2


How to research

Define the scope of your challenge, using it to plan and organise your research. We’ll cover how to spend your time and effort in order to get the best results, where to start, and when to stop. Then we will look at how to do the research itself: including approaches, sources to use and ways of capturing what you find. We’ll detail how to look for information and what questions to ask to get deep insight, not just surface level information

week 3


Identifying and interpreting trends

Find the gold amongst the dirt as you learn to make sense of the chaos and translate it into actionable trends. Some historical reflection will help put them into context. You will practice different synthesis methods and use them to spot and frame relevant future opportunities.

  • plus 30 mins individual consultancy time on your findings and what they mean for you - I am pretty flexible so this can be arranged at almost any reasonable time of the day

Week 4


Building your future

You’ll design multiple possible ‘scenarios’ for how we could live and behave in the future. Then learn tools for looking at them from all angles to define what that could mean for you, your business and customers. 


  • plus 30 mins individual consultancy time on your scenarios and their implications for you - I am pretty flexible so this can be arranged at almost any reasonable time of the day.

Week 5


Your roadmap(s) to the future

What steps need to be taken for the scenarios you’ve identified to become a reality? We will identify the cornerstones of all those possible routes, so you finish with the framework of plans you can build on, communicate and put into action.


Are timings flexible? To an extent. Your consultancy time is entirely flexible. The session times are fixed but will be recorded so if you can’t make it, you’ll be able to view the recording. 

How much time do I have to commit each week? 2 hour live ‘teaching’ session plus 1.5 hour (recommended) of your own study and skill practice, guided by worksheets and tasks.

Is it live or recorded? This is ‘live’ learning: A combination of face to face training and individual consultancy time with Jill. 

How will I learn? They will be a mixture of taught theory, individual practical work and group discussion in the session (this is encouraged but not mandatory, so don’t panic!). The weekly sessions are supplemented with reading and worksheets to complete in between, to serve different learning styles.

Do I interact with other people? The weekly sessions take place in an online group, as they would be in a live physical environment. This enhances the learning experience for everyone as we benefit from each other’s insights, views and experiences. There is no enforced group work, nor breakout rooms ;) However, collaboration and combined brainpower is an essential part of great trend research and forecasting, so conversation between fellow learners is encouraged!

In-House Training

In house training

Cultivate a foresight led team

This is for you

​If you are looking to up-skill your team’s future thinking abilities, so everyone is responsible for where you go next.

WHAT is it?

The Everyday Futurist programme is adapted, made bespoke to the needs of your business and delivered in-house. Please get in touch for details.

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