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I do it for you:

You do it yourself:

I combine research and hard evidence with storytelling to help businesses design a future that people really want and really need. I help you anticipate and plan for what's coming next. 





My work as The Future Thief focuses on the intersection of 3 spheres:

Creativity - ideas, innovation and design

Identity - how people express themselves

Culture - people and human behaviour

The shifts in these topics are driven by social, technological, economic, environmental and political change, which I monitor and anticipate continuously through a variety of different research methods.


The different directions in which these shifts evolve is what determines the future of how people will be expressing their identities and how they will be pursuing creativity in different places around the world. This is what I bring to life for clients.

thief values

You can expect these of me:


I always provoke healthy discussion and seed inspiration by challenging expected norms and asking awkward questions

Think impossible

I always strive to stretch vision beyond what feels possible, because this is the 'space' that kick-starts innovation

Evidence x imagination

I always use solid research, evidence and experience as a foundation upon which to imagine possible futures

Bullsh*t free

I always communicate in a visually engaging, impactful way: easy-to-digest and perception challenging. No death by PowerPoint, and no patronising jargon

Collaborate to innovate

I always use my network of researchers, designers, recruiters and communicators when it's clear that the strength of many thieves is required

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