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How can you Spark Creativity?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

An introduction to an ongoing project:

Creativity is crucial for the future. The jobs and roles the world will need in 15-20 years time are agreed to be critical thinking, problem solving and human and interpersonal skills. The things that technology and AI cannot (yet) master, and they are skills and abilities that are best nurtured through creative activities.

Creative clarifications:

  1. Creativity is about innovation: imagining new things, and exploring ideas.

  2. Creativity is not defined by making ‘art’: paintings, sculpture… things of aesthetic pleasure. Creativity can be ugly

  3. Creativity is not a gift: it is inside everyone, ready to express itself in different ways – drawing, cooking, number conundrums, dancing, writing, knitting, gardening, accounting…

  4. Creativity is not always used for good.

It’s not only necessary for business, but for the future of the human race. Without it, we get stuck in ruts, we don’t develop or evolve, and that is bad news for humans.

Whether it’s old creative habits being revived, or new ideas experimented with, I believe - based on a combination of factual research and my own experience and education - that it’s important to find and use your creativity both as an individual and as a professional, and that it is enjoyable and life-enhancing to do so.

Professionally, I work with businesses helping them design for the future, and as a large part of that involves empowering the creativity within a business, its leaders and employees, I’m continuously exploring the topic. In the spirit of empowering creativity in everyone for a better future, I am assembling this open collection of research snippets, ideas and inspiration. Comments and ideas are welcome!

Patisserie Valerie - a current example of creativity in accountancy...

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