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Find the gems

Creative, qualitative research that investigates how the world is changing, how our lifestyle needs will be different in the future, and how your brand can adapt to stay relevant.

uncover the dynamite

and Get closer to your future...


I use creative approaches and a network of collaborators to carry out rigorous research and fearless exploration into the years and decades to come.


This is investigative detective work into the future: exciting conversations that uncover trends, shifts and gems of insight to expose actionable opportunities - by asking the right questions to the right people, in the right places. Recent clients include Arla and LEGO.

Tools + techniques

Creative + qualitative

I’m a creative qualitative researcher, both desk and field based. My preference is to be out and about, experiencing places and talking to people, living their lives with them, but I also work digitally where necessary.

I use a combination of qualitative tools and techniques to investigate the future of topics, issues and demographics on a brief by brief basis: 

Horizon Scanning

High quality desk research to understand the movements and shifts taking place that will impact your future business

Human insight

Using qualitative techniques such as ethnography and deep dives to get under the skin of your future audience, consumers, users, humans

Expert network

First-hand, up to date views from the people who know the most about topics


Analysing evolving visual codes and design trends to ensure imagery and aesthetics are future-ready 

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