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The future won't happen to you.

It will happen because

of you.

I can help you create it.

Taking from the Next to power the Now...


Jill Hawkins is 'The Future Thief': a lifestyle futurist helping businesses spot opportunities to ensure relevance and success in the next decade - by understanding how the world, the people in it and their lifestyles are changing.

She works within a wide variety of categories and offers brand positioning, keynote presentations, futures research and trend training. 

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...To give you

Fresh, ‘outside-in’ thinking to challenge your perspectives and kick start innovation

Identify new opportunities with a rocket's eye view of the world beyond your consumer and category

The courage to innovate and take risks by knowing the future and your customer better

you're in good company ;)


The Future Thief has recently worked with LEGO, Pej Gruppen, H20, Copenhagen Business School, Bolia and Unilever, among others. 

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