Feel excited by the future

Holographic people, drone deliveries, no physical shops - ever? Maybe even the return of the mullet? The future is a scary place when we don’t have the tools to see what’s coming... 

You know you need to be able to prepare, pivot and adapt to stay relevant.


You need someone with a futures mindset to get you out of a funk - with guidance, inspiration and a creative (maybe even disruptive) approach that energises you to imagine and create a brighter future for you, the planet and your business. 


Because the future is bright. It’s awesome.

We just need to bring people out of the dark.

Your guide to the future




I’m a futures researcher and creator who helps guide optimistic people and brands into the future. My creative content, consultancy and training is all about provoking conversations and challenging mindsets, so as a human or brand, you can step into the future with excitement and ease. 


My Mastermind* subjects are the future of identity, lifestyle and creativity, and I use creativity and imagination as a tool to get people thinking positively about what’s next, and the role they can play within it. Excited much? You should be.


The Future Thief is for the bright side of lifers, the planet lovers and creative rebels who want an imaginative approach to ensuring relevance in the future. That’s you, right?!


*Mastermind -  the epitome of brainy in the 1980's… British game show where contestants sat in big leather chair and were publicly quizzed on their knowledge of a very specialised subject i.e. ‘burial grounds in London’. It pays to be niche.

My Services


AKA investigative detective work. Exciting conversations to uncover actually new, interesting stuff via cool, forward thinking people and places

What your consumer will want and need in the future: rigorous research and fearless exploration into people and the world in the years and decades to come.

challenge me



Shaping concepts together to make them future-ready: combining my insight and experience with your brand / product / service concept


Make the most of my outsider eyes, my future consumer perspective and trend knowledge in one to one conversations that will acid test your concept against future trends and generational insight to help you shape your concept to succeed in the future.





A combination of training and 1-1 consultancy to disrupt your current habits and nurture a world of proactive, future focused optimists


An exciting training programme that will shift your mindset and up-skill you to think and work like a futurist - every day. You’ll be introduced to the essential trend forecasting skills and tools that transform the way you approach your work - and probably your life, too!

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Provocative calls to action, not a walk through of 4 neat trends you can follow. This is inspiration and guidance to change things and ensure a bright, positive future

Perspective shifting insights and ideas that pose challenges to how things are now, raise questions around how things could be, and inspire new opportunities and actions for how the future could be.

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