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I’m Jill Hawkins: ’The Future Thief'. I’m a trend researcher, speaker and trainer. I deal in people. My expertise is humans and our lifestyles: how we live and behave, what we want and need, and the skills we need to succeed in our future world. I inspire and motivate change through presentations, and transform mindsets through training. 

My focus is on shaking up outdated views of what people want and what life and work can be. And training people to be stronger and more adaptable for the future. 

My clients are brave humans and open-minded businesses who want to take risks, seek a challenge and don’t like to fester. Maybe that's you:

  • As an open-minded business, you need to know about lifestyle trends and people's attitudes and values, now and in the future. 

  • As a human, you want to live a brighter, bolder life. You need to develop yourself to be ready for the future, both in life and work.

So, if you want to push your boundaries and reinvent yourself, your team or your view of your consumers (or indeed just life itself), you're in the right place ;)

Check out my presentations and courses below to see what excites you the most!


Is to make the future accessible and usable for everyone, because the possibilities of life are much broader when you are strong, creative and adaptable. 


 The to do list:

1. To train everyone I possibly can in the skills to anticipate and use the future

 2. To explore, share and inspire new ways of living and being


Why? Because I believe that you create your own future. And my purpose is to help you do just that. 


Get future fit


Up-skill yourself to shape and prepare yourself for the future: 

Building resilience

Forecasting trends

Brand positioning

Styling your brand

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​Spark your imagination


Kick start innovation and challenge limiting perceptions with some (friendly) provocation:

Relationships & communication


Consumerism attitudes

Life & work attitudes

Scandinavian style

Creativity (and boosting it)

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