"My mission is to equip every person I can with skills to imagine and anticipate the future so that we can improve our world. Ultimately, this means unlocking the creativity I believe is present in everybody... because when that happens, ideas flow and innovation happens!"


The Future Thief is run by Jill Hawkins, a British futures consultant with over 13 years global experience in making sense of what the future holds. She works to understand how the world is changing, why people behave the way they do and what all that means for design and communication in global lifestyle brands.

Having lived in the UK, Asia and Scandinavia and travelled globally to meet consumers and experts, Jill has worked with businesses large and small across an alphabet of categories: from beauty, drinks, food and fashion to footwear, insurance, toys and newspapers.


Jill has a Masters in Design, a Bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing and an infectious, colourful and creative attitude to life and work. She advocates bravery, challenging yourself and exploration.

The Thief


You can expect these of me:


I always provoke healthy discussion and seed inspiration by challenging expected norms and asking awkward questions

Think impossible

I always strive to stretch vision beyond what feels possible, because this is the 'space' that kick-starts innovation

Evidence x imagination

I always use solid research, evidence and experience as a foundation upon which to imagine possible futures

Bullsh*t free

I always communicate in a visually engaging, impactful way: easy-to-digest and perception challenging. No death by PowerPoint, and no patronising jargon

Collaborate to innovate

I always use my network of researchers, designers, recruiters and communicators when it's clear that the strength of many thieves is required

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