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About The Future Thief

The Future Thief is a small but daring futures consultancy offering foresight research, training and inspiration to optimistic, rebellious individuals and businesses (that's you, right?)


Founded in 2019 upon a mission to make working with future more friendly, exciting, and creative, The Future Thief leverages Jill’s warmth, sparkle, open perspective and creative energy, and her vast expertise in zeitgeist, human behaviour, future skills and her passion for improving everyone's health, movement and creative ability.


Every ‘Thief’ interaction strives to guide and motivate individuals and businesses to become the strongest, most curious and creative version of themselves, adaptable and ready to shape the future.

About Jill


Jill is a globally experienced trends and insight consultant with special focus on health, wellbeing and creativity. A dynamic force of joy, she energises, inspires and moves people to see the future from new perspectives - and to feel excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.


For over 15 years Jill has been researching people, making sense of our shifts in attitudes, needs, values and quirks. She’s worked for some of the world’s biggest (plus some of the smallest and weirdest) brands, helping Nike, LEGO, Google, Arla, IKEA and Diageo ensure their purpose, product, communication and mindset are relevant and adaptable for the future. Her experience spans categories including fashion, newspapers, wine, toys, chocolate milk, insurance, shoes, tampons, paint and even painkillers (you name it, she’s probably worked on it).


Jill sees the world from many perspectives, thanks to a very diverse skillset: she holds degrees and postgraduates in fashion marketing and design, works with human insight and she’s a University lecturer. But she's also a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and currently studying a Masters in Psychology.

Polymath? Maybe.

Mad? Quite possibly.

Curious, imaginative and inspiring future thinker? Definitely! 


She is British and lives between Denmark and the UK.

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