2020 not what you'd anticipated?

So, you imagined you’d be investing in a cooking holiday in Vietnam in 2020, not ergonomic office chairs for your bedroom? Thought your brand was going to host sensory filled immersive events overflowing with Cremant, not Zoom Q&A’s for a silent audience in their pajamas?

Yep, life is full of surprises, and the future is a scary concept when you don’t have the tools to see what’s coming.


The world feels like it’s changing at a fast and scary (and frankly ever more surprising) pace. You need to be able to pivot to adapt and stay relevant, with the skills to train a future focused mindset so that you can shake things up on a daily basis, so that you can not just imagine, but create a brighter future.

You want to be proactive + prepared?

You need help understanding what the future holds for you, your customer and your business. You want to know how to be prepared for it - but to be the proactive type, confidently shaping what happens next, not the reactive, headless chicken. Most importantly, you want all this in a fun, creative ‘package’ that, put bluntly, doesn’t feel like work. You are bored to death by the same old approach to trends, insights and anything to do with the future. 


Maybe you’re a bit rebellious too. You ask a lot of questions, and you feel frustrated by a lack of progression. You believe things could be different, and better! But you don’t know what the opportunities are or how to find them. You know you need to understand what’s coming next and how it’s going to affect you, but you don’t have the skills to do it yourself.


You need a guide, so you’re looking for someone (hello!) on your wavelength (bright, smart, sparkly, worldly, challenging, curious, imaginative, optimistic…?) who can balance the commercial and the creative, inspiring you to see new opportunities and empower you to think with the future in mind, in everything you do. 

You need a rebel guide

The Future Thief is run by me, Jill Hawkins. I'm British, living in Denmark. I have over 15 years global experience with household brands and innovative agencies in discovering and making sense of people and the future. 


Having lived in the UK, Asia and Scandinavia and travelled globally to meet consumers and experts, I’ve worked with businesses large and small, agency and client side, across an alphabet of categories: from beauty, drinks, food and fashion to footwear, insurance, toys and newspapers.

I’m really passionate about upskilling others, so I’m a regular on the teaching circuit. I have 15 years university teaching experience in the UK, Vietnam and Denmark. I’m also a fitness instructor and studying to be a personal trainer. I’m driven to help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilled and sustainable lives.


I have a Masters in Design, a Bachelor degree in Fashion Marketing and whatever I do, it's always in a positive, friendly and colourful way.


The Thief

That's me!

You can hold me to this


I started The Future Thief because I was uninspired by my own industry. I could either keep feeling bad about not being like every other ‘futures person’ and pack up and become a florist (still my retirement plan) or start my own version of it, doing the things I love, following my own rules. I believe that trends, insights and future thinking should be about empowering and inspiring individuals to make positive change, and I believe that doing and using it should be exciting, accessible, enabling and creative.


So, I’m sticking two fingers up to the industry norms and endeavouring to make ‘futures’ fun, a bit of a guilty pleasure and a creative pursuit that everyone can get involved in. My mission is to help people see that they can have an impact on their own future and the world’s future by developing an everyday futures habit, and seeing things a little more brightly.

My values

You can expect these of me:


I always provoke healthy discussion and seed inspiration by challenging expected norms and asking awkward questions

Think impossible

I always strive to stretch vision beyond what feels possible, because this is the 'space' that kick-starts innovation

Evidence x imagination

I always use solid research, evidence and experience as a foundation upon which to imagine possible futures

Bullsh*t free

I always communicate in a visually engaging, impactful way: easy-to-digest and perception challenging. No death by PowerPoint, and no patronising jargon

Collaborate to innovate

I always use my network of researchers, designers, recruiters and communicators when it's clear that the strength of many thieves is required