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Futures for the fearless

Making people and brands brave, adaptable and relevant for the future.


Take from the next to power your now

I'm Jill / The Future Thief: a lifestyle trends expert with 14 years experience making sense of what the future holds. I use consultancy, presentations and training to shape business and personal brands to be relevant and resilient both now and in the future.


I don’t believe in blindly following trends. Instead, I believe in ‘trend activism’: anticipating what’s coming next and shaping it to ensure a future that’s positive for people, planet and your business. 


I really love to inspire and motivate change through dynamic and provocative presentations, and to transform mindsets and up-skill people through training. Whatever I do, it's always in a positive, friendly and colourful way.

My clients are brave humans and open-minded businesses who want to live fully and push limits to make things better. They want to take risks and be challenged, but they need some guidance. If that’s you, let’s talk!


Get future fit


Up-skill yourself to shape and prepare yourself for the future: 

Building resilience

Forecasting trends

Brand positioning

Styling your brand

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​Spark your imagination


Kick start innovation and challenge limiting perceptions with some (friendly) provocation:

Relationships & communication


Consumerism attitudes

Life & work attitudes

Scandinavian style

Creativity (and boosting it)

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