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Flex your foresight muscle

Holographic people, drone deliveries, no physical shops - ever? Maybe even the return of the mullet? The future is a scary place when we don’t have the tools to see what’s coming... 

Learn to Forecast trends

Knocked sideways by COVID? Didn't expect to be spending your money on a home gym, instead of that yoga retreat? Or having to pivot your customer events into at-home experience boxes (team pizza making via Zoom, anyone?). You are wondering how you can be better prepared for what could come next?


Let's nurture a world of proactive, future focused optimists. This powerful combination of training and 1-1 consultancy will disrupt your current habits and revolutionise your approach to work and life - to make you stronger, more adaptable and relevant for the future.

For individuals:

New course coming soon!

"We came to Jill looking for skills in trend forecasting. What we came away with was a totally new future's mindset that we've applied to our client work, our own business and frankly, our personal lives too!" 

Emily Ames, Co-founder of Sonder & Tell

In-House Training

Cultivate a foresight led team

This is for you

​If you are looking to up-skill your team’s future thinking abilities, so everyone is responsible for where you go next.

WHAT is it?

The Everyday Futurist programme is adapted, made bespoke to the needs of your business and delivered in-house. Please get in touch for details.

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