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At this very moment, forecasters around the world are putting together PowerPoints full of well-meaning bullet points about some nice, safe themes that you can follow without question. '4 key lifestyle trends you must not miss in 2021', filled with some nice stock images and a neat summary of '3 things you can do now', so that you can be like everyone else. Useful? Kind of. Inspire you to act boldly, be memorable and make a difference? Not likely. 


When you give an hour of your life, you want to feel inspired and motivated to make a change, to act differently. You need a kick start into the future that lifts your team up and out of their surroundings. To show them the bigger picture and opportunities to solve problems and make an impact. 


future Lifestyles, Identities + creativity


These are my specialist subjects, and through my storytelling, I provide guidance, inspiration and a creative (maybe even disruptive) approach that energises you to imagine and create a brighter future for you, the planet and your business. 

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Provoke positivity

Provocative calls to action, not a walk through of 4 neat trends you can follow. This is inspiration, motivation and guidance to challenge the status quo and ensure a bright, positive future.


I deliver stories on stage. Perspective shifting insights and ideas that pose challenges to how things are now, raise questions around how things could change, and inspire opportunities and actions to shape that future.

I've recently given presentations for businesses including LEGO, Bolia, Unilever, Lene Bjerre, The Rosendahl Group, H20 Sportswear, Headstart Fashion, Givesco foods and Pej Gruppen: The Scandinavian Trend Institute, where I am a preferred speaker and I present at their conferences.

What I talk about

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We have a creativity crisis:

we need to supercharge it. But how?


We have a global creativity crisis, and our future workforce requires ‘creatives’: innovators, explorers and rule breakers. A successful future society relies on imagination and creative thinking, so our future is under threat if we don’t act now.


Imagination thrives under oppression and restraint… but Scandinavia is home to some of the happiest, most equal countries in the world. And fairness and equality is a (mostly) global goal. In short, these places are and will be creatively screwed. So how are we going to fix it? Because there is no successful future for people, business or the planet if creativity is under threat. 


Find out how to guarantee success and relevance by reinvigorating creativity.

The death of Scandinavian style:

How do you stay fresh in the post-Scandi era?


Scandinavian style was cool when life was about fitting in. But now it’s cool to stand out, and Scandinavian design is left on the shelf, in the discount section. We have reached ‘peak Scandi’: the rest of the world has caught up and you can get ‘the look’ everywhere.


This is a time when we value brands that are true to their roots, so how do you remain ‘Scandinavian’ yet still be future facing? And when the emerging youth are being raised as global citizens, what could ‘Scandinavian’ mean to them?


Find out how to rewire the ‘Nordic way’ for long lasting success.

The Stuffocation Generation:

How do you sell to people who don’t want to buy? 


The developed world is full. Living space has decreased, our waste has piled up, and we are rapidly realising the mess we have created for ourselves over the last 60 years of feverish purchasing. We want less stuff. And that’s bad for business, isn’t it…?


People will still want things, but owning less is the future – whether consumers know it yet or not. So if ownership is in flux, how do you design for it? Business models must evolve and change - and it won’t be comfortable, but it’s a huge opportunity for those with the foresight and creative confidence to understand this generation and think differently.


Find out about the ‘Stuffocation Generation’, what will you be able to sell to them, and how will you need to package it.


Fresh perspectives on important, emerging issues for the future

The future of:

Consumerism, sustainability & ownership

Creativity (& boosting it)

Gender, sexuality & identity

Relationships & community

Self-expression, individuality & style

Scandinavian style

Health, fitness & wellbeing
Work & personal development


Leisure & entertainment

Colour & Culture

I always cover:
Mega / Giga / Macro trends 

And generationally speaking I cover it all, but I specialise in:

Generation Z / Millennials 

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